About Us

Brentforth Energy & Oilfield Services Limited, is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company, servicing the upstream and downstream Oil & Gas industry, Power Industry, Alternative Energy Industry, Government and her agencies, and other public sectors. We provide Maintenance Services & Technical Support to Clients. We handle Mechanical Maintenance, Instrumentation and Engineering Fabrication/Design Services. These covers the refurbishment and installation of: VALVES, INSTRUMENTS, SUBSEA & WELLHEAD ASSETS (e.g. B.O.Ps, XMAS TREEs, MANIFOLDS etc.), PUMPS, PIPELINES, PRESSURE VESSELS, and such other related process control elements and equipments in the energy sector. Our name easily comes to mind whenever Quality and Quick Delivery of Projects are Top Priorities.

Our mission

is to keep the world’s energy system flowing in the most efficient and safe manner (right from its source to the final consumer).

Our Vision

is to be a one-stop integrated services firm in flow control technology and energy delivery, with a global outreach in the Oil & Gas service sector and adjacent energy industry.

Our Core values