Corporate Overview


Brentforth started out as a valves and pipeline maintenance company. Our operations and expertise in this niche area opened us up to the maintenance of other process control elements in the production loop, and this actually gave us the nudge to blend other of our capabilities that were lying dormant, and acquire new capabilities that have now enabled us to truly give our clients full technical support (in line with our mission to keep the world’s energy system flowing in the most efficient and safe manner, and our vision to be an integrated services firm).


Brentforth is an innovative and dynamic Oil & Gas servicing firm, that is committed to enhancing the integrity & reliability of plant process equipments & facilities required for mining, refining, storage and conveyance of process fluids in the Oil & Gas sector, and adjacent energy industry (through exceptional services in Mechanical Maintenance, Instrumentation and Engineering Fabrications/Design).

Our team of indigenous field engineers and technicians are fully on ground to provide technical support both on-field and off-field. 

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