Engineering Fabrications & Design

Our fabrication and design capabilities enables us to make modifications and engineer replacement parts/spares that comply with O.E.M specifications (in order to quickly solve maintenance and construction problems encountered in the course of our job/projects).

By this, we are able to eliminate the lead time lost in waiting for spares to arrive directly from the Original Equipment manufacturer (O.E.M) – as some of these could take extremely long time.

Modifications & Upgrades

When there is need to modify or upgrade existing facilities, Brentforth is capable of redeveloping structures & processes to maximize the productivity of facilities. While minimizing revamping cost.

These includes:


-Designs & Drawings

-Mechanical Completion & Commissioning.

General Metal Works

The finesse and reliability of our workshop skills in areas such as: measuring, layout, cutting, drilling, machining, shaping, fastening, finishing and welding of metal works, ensures that we achieve the needed precision and accuracy required in modern equipment assembly parts.


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