Brentforth enhances the integrity, safety and reliability of pipelines through trusted inspection services, testing, cleaning, and drying.

Our range of services includes:

  • Pigging & Mechanical Cleaning
  • Pipe fitting, installations and modifications
  • Hydrotest (Leak Test and Strength/Yield Testing)
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Inspections
  • Strong Back (Pipe Reinforcement & Rehabilitation)
  • Corrosion Control (Pipe Coating and Cathodic Protection)

We engineer our services to suit specific project requirements, so as to achieve a cost-effective solution for our clients without compromise in quality.

Whether a new system is going online or an existing pipeline needs maintenance, our range of services will help you to meet industry pipeline safety regulations.

For a pipeline that has been in operation for some years, a number of factors (such as: corrosion, pipeline movement, mechanical damage, or failure of cathodic protection system), could cause it’s deterioration and reduction in integrity/reliability. Hence the need to check the status of its integrity and avoid sudden failures. Debris in the pipeline can affect throughput, cause corrosion, increase operating cost, and prevent proper inspection. Our capacity and experience enables us to remove different kinds of deposits, including wax, liquids, black powder, rust, and millscale, by deploying appropriate mechanical and chemical cleaning options. We’ll get your pipeline back on track and improve the efficiency of your system without taking it offline.

However, when you need to take the system out of operation whether for maintenance or at the end of its life, we can remove the product safely by purging with nitrogen and leave the pipeline in a condition that won’t hurt the environment.

For more information about how to improve pipeline integrity and safety, please call us or send us an e-mail.