Brentforth’s Mechanical Maintenance Services Team offers  inspection, repairs, installation and calibration services of bulk storage tanks, atmospheric pressure vessels and gas holders, as well as repairs to existing facilities. We have experience with international construction and maintenance codes and standards including API, ASME, DIN, EN, EEMUA and PGS.

Our services also includes:

  • Addition of Nozzles, Man ways, Flanges, etc.
  • Tank Calibration & Inspections
  • Tank Seal Replacement
  • Repairs of Level Gauges and Transmitters
  • Floating Roof Tank Installations
  • Double and Single Deck Roof Repairs
  • Replacement of Heads and Shell Sections
  • Valve and Piping Replacement / Repairs
  • Repairs to Existing Attachment Welds
  • Leak Test
  • Tank Cleaning and Evacuation
  • Corrosion Control, Surface treatment and Coating



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