Brentforth offers a reliable option in valve maintenance and procurement, as we ensure that the service life of valves are greatly enhanced (to withstand the severe process requirements expected back on-line after carrying out maintenance services and quality tests on them).

Worst case scenarios of deteriorated valves can also be remedied or corrected; and this may require premium maintenance operations such as: component modifications, machining, trim lapping, blasting & coating, resurfacing and polishing.


Our Mechanical Maintenance Engineers & Technicians work on all types of actuators and valves, including ball, gate, globe, control valves and butterfly valves etc. We supply OEM spares and alternative engineered parts that comply with OEM specifications and high performance, fully synthetic greases and sealants and are able to perform most repairs in-situ.

We provide services for preventative and corrective maintenance of production pressure systems, wellheads, Christmas trees, valves, actuators and other associated pressure containment equipment.

We realize the critical role of valves as the final control element in a process control system and its influence on the overall performance of a plant production loop, and hence we endeavor to service them so well, with excellence in mind.

Valve services include:

- Control Valve Calibration/Bench Setting

- Relief Valve Maintenance & Certification

- Valve Pressure Testing

- Valve Leak Control & Flushing

- Online Preventive/Corrective Maintenance

- Offline Repairs

- Actuator Repairs & Stroking

- Valve Installations, Torqueing & Pipe Fitting

- Valve Procurement & Supply

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