Wellhead maintenance service forms a key part of our mechanical maintenance capability – from new HP/HT developments – through to the mature brownfield site.   This includes the routine inspection, repair and maintenance of surface wellheads, as well as the provision of pressure testing services.

All maintenance activities are supported by detailed procedures that reflect API specifications, and risk assessments that take account of recognized safety regulations.

Typical wellhead maintenance services we provide includes:

  • Xmas tree valve greasing and valve pressure testing
  • Annuli valve greasing and valve pressure testing
  • Annulus integrity monitoring
  • Hanger seal/pack-off testing
  • Gate valve and actuator repairs
  • Surface-controlled subsurface safety valve wash(SCSSSV)
  • SCSSSV inflow test and function test
  • Lubricate/seal and function test gate valves
  • Pressure test gate valves
  • Function and pressure test of valves, chokes and actuators
  • Pressure test casing/tubing hanger voids
  • Service swab cap
  • Rectify jammed or loose valve